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United Europe Free Tours

United Europe Free Tours is an independent network of free walking tours operating through continental Europe, offering you the very best tours in terms of quality and entertainment.


United Europe’s Free Tour in Budapest, Hungary. Extremely informative and great fun. Highly popular. Three Tours a day with several different tours offered.

Prague Extravaganza Free Tour

United Europe’s “Prague Extravaganza Free Tour” in Prague, Czech Republic. A truly great tour of this wonderful city. Do yourself a favor, don’t miss it!

Free Sofia Tour

United Europe’s “Free Sofia Tour” – Sofia, Bulgaria. An amazing tour of this rich city with knowledgeable guides who can show you the true secrets of the city.

Guided Bucharest

United Europe’s “Guided Bucharest” Free Tour in Bucharest, Romania. Best tour in the country. Come see what Romania has been up to.

Be Free Tours

United Europe’s Free Tour in Bratislava, Slovakia. Another rising star in European tourism. A beautiful gem of a city not far from Vienna.

Alternative Berlin Tours

United Europe’s Free Tour in Berlin, Germany. Not your usual kind of tour. See Berlin’s famous underground subcultures and alternative lifestyle.

Runner Bean Tours Barclona

United Europe’s Free Tour in Barcelona. Leave your guide book behind, relax and discover the city with the Runner Beans. Our walking tours we go that extra mile for you!

Lisbon Chill Out Tour

United Europe’s free tour in Lisbon is simply the best way to become acquainted with this enchanting city. Lisbon has always been one of the best urban holiday destinations around.

Wiseman Free Tours

Join us on United Europe’s Wiseman Cesky Krumlov Free Tour. Hear mysterious stories, legends and discover places you would otherwise never find in our beautiful UNESCO heritage town.

Ogo Tours

United Europe’s Madrid Free Tour by OGO TOURS is a definite must for any person visiting this vibrant city/ OGO is rated as one of the best tours in Spain. Don’t miss it.

Ljubljana Free Tour

Consistently voted as one of Europe’s best city tours, United Europe’s Ljubljana Free Tour is a must for all visitors to this wonderful city. Please check their latest schedule online.


As amazing as Paris is, the city can also be overwhelming. But never fear, Culturefish! Tours are here! Our free* walking tours give you a fun orientation to this spectacular city.